Kendall and Kylie App

The Jenner sisters finally released their free game. The app is very much like their sisters app, Kims Hollywood, however they aren’t exactly the same, it has a twitter like base involved in the game where you can like peoples posts. The options of clothing for your character varies, from clothes you would dream of wearing real life and clothes which you could do without. So far I’m personally enjoying the app, however I have noticed that their are only 20 levels at the moment and for those gaming addicts 20 levels aren’t enough. Unlike Kim’s app you are able to take selfies but also with your friends, along the way you get small videos from either Kendall or Kylie saying that they had a great time or welcoming us into their homes, it feels more personalized with the Jenner app than Kim’s. The places that you can go to is limited but hopefully later on the girls will introduce more countries to visit instead of only Paris, New York and Jackson Hole. The game is still based on how many followers you have and a rivalry between your character and another character much like Kim’s app with your character and Williow Pape.


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